Professional Portrait Photographer


Professional Portrait Photographer


Hmmm…you have a problem. You need a new business portrait, or ‘head shot’, and you can’t use your Facebook® photo, because that isn’t business- appropriate. That’s where a great Professional Portrait Photographer comes into the picture.

There are many reasons to have a new business portrait:

  • You need it for press opportunities— like a press release.
  • You need it for the program, when you give your speech at the upcoming symposium.
  • You need it because you just got elected to a new board of directors.
  • You need it because you need new business cards.
  • You need it because you’re building a new web site.
  • You need it because you have just rebranded your business.
  • You need it to update your LinkedIn® profile.
  • Maybe you just invented the coolest new widget and the world wants to know what you look like!

For all these reasons you need a new business portrait by a professional portrait photographer. You need PhotoJenic Studio.

Let me capture the ‘professional you’ in-studio or at your place of business. Some entrepreneurs are more casual than others, so we’ll discuss which context fits you best.

PhotoJenic Studio is available for business portraits for individuals as well as for corporations, who may wish to have me on-premise for the day to dispatch their entire staff’s photo requirements.

I invite you to review my gallery of professional portraits.

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